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November 2017

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Canadian Made Gift Guide

be gift giving and supporting someone in your local area at the same time It’s almost December and the holiday season is not only soon approaching but is in full swing! We just finished the biggest sales of the year including Black Friday and Cyber Monday (get any awesome deals?).  Currently, it’s only 3.5 weeks until Christmas Day. Whoa, alright anyone else freaking out for obvious reasons. Less than a month to decorate, to finish (or start!) shopping, to bake all the  ...

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Winter Skin Care Tips

3 products to really care for your skin this winter What can I say, winter is upon us all here in the north! There are plenty of lovely things to see and admire, to eat and smell and to do in these next winter months. Twinkly lights, hoar frost, fresh snow and fresh cookies out of the oven. Christmas trees, and decorating, skiing and sledding, all the family time. Sparkly dresses and fun holiday parties. But there are also some real dreadful attributes of winter as well, including the dry  ...

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Fall Fashion Photoshoot

interview with Allie Gow Spending time in front of a camera isn’t everyone’s enjoyment, but our Scoop girls killed it in their latest shoot with CVLT Stvdio. This fall was the second time around that our shop collaborated with this photographer, and hopefully, it won’t be the last! You might have started to see some of these posts already but I want to share with you the behind the scenes details! One of our Scoop girls, Allie Gow was able to share a few of her thoughts of this photoshoot +  ...

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