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3 Reasons + Places to Shop Local

We all like to shop nearby; it’s convenient and quick.

The corporate grocery store or the mega Walmart up the road is most of our go-to locations. But what if we could support our local community, have something unique and get better service all at the same time? What are the benefits of shopping local?

Create Jobs

Independent businesses employ local people to fill positions; you could be giving a job to your neighbor or a friend! Usually, they employ more people directly per dollar of revenue, while buying needs from other locally owned shops!

Reduce Environmental Impact

Community serving businesses often buy more local, are located near residents contributing to less traffic and air pollution! Yay for clean air!

Keep Community Unique

The more variety of local businesses means a bigger variety of products, giving us all more choices! The wider collection brings a diversity of businesses to our communities. The more unique businesses in our home cities create these one-of-a-kind communities!

  1.  Farmers Market/ produce+health

The freshest sourced nearby, and most delicious produce and bakery items you could your hands onto! Often there are nontoxic beauty products sold too here too!

  1.  Artisan Farmhouse/ gifts

Are you ever scanning through Amazon for the best gift? Even though I am such an Amazon fan, I recommend stepping into this shop. You’ll feel as if you stepped into every single Etsy shop at the same time. There is something for everyone here, and of course yourself!

  1. Scoop Clothing/ clothing

Most people in the North think the only place to shop is in Grand Prairie, think again. Our current styles are always changing, as we get new items in almost every week! Searching for something specific? Our Scoop girls will love to help you find it!

go and support your local finds.


  1. Nita Lavigueur

    March 10, 2018 at 1:16 am

    👍 awesome!

    1. Grace Iverson

      May 9, 2018 at 4:40 pm

      Thanks for the love!

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