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March 2018


Bring Spring Home

Ready for spring to begin? The teaser of warmer days have me yearning for spring flowers to start to bloom and the trees to begin to bud. But it is only March, so we won’t see that for a couple months here in the North. Many of us crave fresh air and the sun to shine, and while we can’t enjoy the warmth quite yet there is a way to lighten up the mood! Add plants + flowers to the indoors – begin spring inside your home. Maybe you have a green thumb? Or maybe you end up  ...

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The Vintage Collective

What comes to mind with the word VINTAGE? Did your mom bring you along to hit up all those garage sales or the antique shops? Think of old ladies? Think of the hippie era and big floral prints? Keep reading, because I hope to change your mind on each of those levels. What better way to repurpose an object than buying second hand. A story comes with each piece, you might not know who owned it before you but then let your creativity run to make a good story. Also, there is always such detail  ...

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