Bring Spring Home

Ready for spring to begin?

The teaser of warmer days have me yearning for spring flowers to start to bloom and the trees to begin to bud. But it is only March, so we won’t see that for a couple months here in the North. Many of us crave fresh air and the sun to shine, and while we can’t enjoy the warmth quite yet there is a way to lighten up the mood!

Add plants + flowers to the indoors – begin spring inside your home.

Maybe you have a green thumb? Or maybe you end up killing each plant you own? If there isn’t color outside yet, then let’s bring it in our homes. Listen up to learn about the easiest greens to keep inside.


Rubber Tree

It can be hard to find a great and beautiful space filler, but this house tree could be the perfect fit. One of the easier plants to house because it does well even in dim lighting, and a bonus: powerful toxin eliminator!

African Violet 

Choose your color because these can bloom in almost every color! With small batches of color in your home, it’ll begin to look like spring inside before you know it. These do better than other flowering plants in the low light, but to bloom, they love their light so place them in near your biggest windows!

English Ivy

This greenery is dual purpose by adding color and cleans the air. It has been listed as the best air-filtering houseplant by NASA. This ivy needs moderate temperatures and medium sunlight to grow best.


Bright and long-lasting blooms are common with these! Even try replanting these as small little plants around your home as they grow. You could have multiple flower pots filled with color before you know it. But beware of the number one killer of this flower: over watering!


These need very little to no water as well! Create your home into the Pinterest look and add a variety of succulents to really spice things up! You can often find them in a big variety of textures, colors, shapes, and sizes.


If you really cannot manage to keep any of these alive but crave the fresh look and aroma of flowers + plants, shop bouquets at your local farmers market!



  1. Nita Lavigueur

    March 10, 2018 at 1:15 am

    Love rubber tree plan and African violet 😍

    1. Grace Iverson

      May 4, 2018 at 9:40 pm

      Aren’t they gorgeous!!

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