5 Budget-Friendly Summer Beauty Tips

Sun is out so I want to be out and feeling fresh

We are finally in the summer season! When the sun comes out I love to update my looks to accommodate with the new colors around me like brighter blues and fresh reds and yellows. Sometimes I like to change my makeup styles too since I update my wardrobe. But right now, as a student, I don’t want to spend tons of money on new beauty looks but I’d love to try something different. So I brainstormed and came up with a few tips to share that should help you feel refreshed, and ready for this season all while keeping your budget in mind!

1. Clean Brushes

One of the most important cleaning necessities within your makeup region is to clean your brushes (my goodness, I need this reminder!). There are many makeup brush shampoos out there you can use to help maintain the life of your brushes. I use this one from Bare Minerals well-cared for brush conditioning shampoo and love it. You only need a small dime-sized amount so this one bottle will last you for a while!

2. Throw out old products

I dare you to go through each beauty product you own and evaluate it. Is it almost empty? How about dried up? Have any product unopened? If it’s used up or almost then give it a toss and get rid of it. Is it broken and you have haven’t used it since? Then throw it away. There is no need to carry and keep old, forgotten about makeup products that can’t be used anyway. Throw it out!

3. Organize makeup

Then after you cleaned out alllll your makeup (also means the makeup in the back drawer) then organize it. This is one of my favorites! There are many ways to organize your makeup drawer, so first, decide how you like it. Would it be helpful if all your eyeliners were placed together, and your powders and lip colors? Then take all that you own in the category and find a home for each category. Or would it be more efficient to have your everyday makeup in one bag and your extras in another space? Find what best suits your style and do it! Right now I have my go-to makeup in the bathroom drawer and any extra makeup neatly stored in a hall closet.

4. Switch to unused eye-shadow colors

Do you have some eye-shadow pallets almost 100% untouched except that one neutral color? Yea, me too. I seem to stay with my basics but then I have these full beautiful pallets in my closet. After you’ve thrown up any old makeup, you might have rediscovered some makeup you didn’t realize you still had!   This can be the easiest and cheapest way to switch up your things and pretend you bought entire new colors. Be brave and try new colors on your eyes! It’s a new season so mess around with your “new” eye-shadows.

5. Rotate lipstick colors

In my own makeup storage, I seem to stock up on lip colors and eye-shadows so when I clean out my makeup I always see a plentiful amount of each. Your eyes and lips have the chance to add color to your look – or change colors! Use that red lipstick you have stored away, step out and embrace dark lips or nude lips. I dare you to wear lipstick every day for a week, or try a month- you will definitely rotate through your lipsticks then! Lipsticks can add the season in a gorgeous way, so try something new.


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