Must See in Canadian Summers

Summer trips you need to start planning!

Our country – Canada – covers a lot of land area which implies our home also holds a lot of beauty. But since our country is so big it can be difficult to know where to begin. Each province has their own landmarks and best places to travel to, but let this post be a summer guide to help narrow down your searches to finally choose and see somewhere new!

Many locations across Canada are world renowned locations yet we ourselves don’t take the time to see them. Some places you’ll read you will be really familiar with- BUT if you haven’t seen them yet then let me remind you how gorgeous they are. Other locations will be brand new to you so let me guide you to a new adventure this summer!

Banff, Lake Louise and Moraine Lake – ALBERTA

A couple of the most traveled places in Canada: Banff National Park, and for good reason because this place is stunning! The huge lakes, the magnificent mountains, and the wildlife create a stunning backdrop for each photo. I recommend you drive through the park yourself rather than with a tour. If you have never been, or want to see new spots then Google, Pinterest and Instagram the heck out of this region. Follow adventure photographers, look for tips and tricks to get to the secret must-see places.

Kluane National Park – YUKON


Canada’s tallest mountain peak (Mount Logan, altitude 19,551 feet) is home to this national park that is located about an hr and half west of the territorial capital of Whitehorse. If you are on your way to Alaska then stop in this region to see the glaciers, lush valleys and huge open land uninhabited.

Long Beach, Tofino – BRITISH COLUMBIA

Known as the Canadian surf city there is endless to see and do for everyone in this west coast region. Try your act in surfing, or relax on the beach, hike and explore the forest.  Long Beach, located just south of Tofino, provides a more secluded beach experience with breathtaking waves to supply your best surf yet.


Jump to the east coast to visit one of PEI’s best beaches for a summer day. You’ll see almost red-like sand that turns into dunes and then green rolling hills back this beach to give you a magical setting. There are many historical places to explore nearby after you’ve had your beach time!

Churchhill – MANITOBA

Plan to experience this subarctic town known as the “polar bear capital in the world”  this summer. It’s far northern Manitoba but will be worth the trip when you see polar bears in the wild. Explore this town on foot or from the air or boat to see more of the region!


Visit the heart of Okanagan Valley and the shores of Okanagan Lake in Kelowna. This is wine and fruit country so check many local wineries to take a bottle home with you. Then when you need a snack, simply pull over on the road at a fruit stand for some of the freshest sweet fruit you may ever taste. You will see stunning valleys full of orchards, surrounded by rolling hills and mountains in the distance!



Right on the side of the Alaskan Highway, this a must stop lake to see! Plan to camp the night or take a break to take in the view. If you dare, try to brave the glacier cold waters for a quick refreshing swim then finish your stop with a hike or a relaxing walk. One of the easiest and most beautiful places to see right off the road to Alaska.

Multiple Hot Springs – ALBERTA

There are multiple natural hot springs around southern Alberta (and tons in BC). Ainsworth Hot Springs Resort, close to Kootenay Lake Ferry, can be found in a cave! Radium Hot Springs is Canada’s largest, and are walking distance from the Banff-Radium highway. Banff Upper Hot Springs provides you with the best view of Mt. Rundle while able to soak in the heat in the nation’s highest hot springs. If you’re a road trip between any of these suggestions, then take the extra hour or two to stop by a hot spring!


Now get on the road or hop on a plane to see more of Canada this summer!





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