Summer Travel Tips: Road+Air

The summer wins as the perfect time to travel…

….whether that’s by sea, air, roads or trains- the summer months have some of the best travels.  I  have been on the road lots this summer and I know lots of you already have too, but the summer is not over yet. That means more time in the car or plane will occur, so let’s be prepared next time you have your bags packed and are ready to explore!

Tip No. 1: Bring Layers

Every road trip this summer it has rained, been sunny and hot, and windy throughout some part, so I recommend bringing varying layers. That way you will be ready for whatever the weather brings and not end up drenched or freezing. Try to pack at least one rain-like jacket or layer with a hood in case it rains Better yet, pack your umbrella! Bring a tank top and a long sleeve amongst your other tops, and don’t forget a warm sweater!


Tip No. 2:  Pack Snacks

Snacks are a must for every trip I go on, can you relate? I love a variety like some salty pretzels or popcorn, something sweet like M and M’s that won’t completely melt in the sun and then trail mix or beef jerky for more protein. Many times I end up skipping meals while I travel because I bring so many snacks! Now, I don’t suggest to skip meals but I do suggest to bring your go-to snacks. Try to get your snacks beforehand at the grocery store because those prices always beat a little $4 bag of chips at the gas station.

Tip No. 3: Bring Lots of Water

If you’re driving then you can pack enough water for your drive and then some, but if you’re going by air then think earth friendly and take a reusable water bottle with! If you don’t have one, then I highly suggest investing in a Swell bottle. They keep liquid cold for 24 hrs and hot for 12 hrs – a great perk during travels!


Tip No. 4: Have All Documents Ready

Passport, Drivers License (and not expired!), car insurance, and ID. It’s something obvious to bring but needed to travel anywhere, take a couple minutes to locate all your important papers and documents.  Keep these items prepared ahead of time so you can save time when you need to leave. I also recommend investing in Tile, recently my brother bought these for my family because we all keep losing everything like our keys, passport, and wallet! The Tile app helps locate anything you put the keychain on (or in) within 100 feet via Bluetooth to keep from losing your most important materials.


Tip No. 5:  Plan for a Lot of Time

If on a road trip or on a flight then you have endless time to fill, why not have fun on the journey? Experiment with a playlist, bring books, have podcasts downloaded, catch up on journaling or bring travel-sized games along! Have you played “I’m Thinking of a Person”? or mini cards? Do a little research on Pinterest to find a new travel game or random and fun questions to ask one another.

Tip No. 6:  Be Flexible

Rarely, does everything go as planned while you travel- remember to keep a light and flexible attitude. Your flight might be delayed or canceled, the airport could be too crowded, food lines busy or you might get pulled over and get a ticket, gas might be more expensive than you expected. There are endless scenarios that can happen when you travel and many times you can’t do anything about them. For everyone’s sake (including yourself) remain calm and ready to accept some changes. I promise everything will work out and you will eventually get to your destination.




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