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September 2018


Fall Styles with Scoop

Pinterest Fall Look-Alike with Scoop Styles We are 100% into the fall season, and some places – like Fort St. John- it looks more like winter already! Every new season I find myself scrolling through Pinterest and Instagram admiring the newest styles and colors for the season. And let me tell you, that happened again just a few weeks ago! The fall season shows off layers after layers with jackets and sweaters.  So I kind of forget how to style these seasonal pieces after a year and  ...

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Why Go Straw-Free?

Did you know… Over 500 million brand new straws are used every day only to be thrown away 20 minutes later, according to the National Park Service. “And if you need a little help understanding how much 500 million straws is, just think of 125 school buses being filled with straws each day. Although straws are relatively small and don’t seem like they’d do much damage, the number of straws people waste each day adds up.” Anthea Taeuber with Entity Mag  Did you see, a couple  ...

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