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I am Grace Iverson: the writer for Scoop Clothing, a fashion boutique in Fort St. John, BC. When I lived in Northern BC I worked in the shop and meet all our trusty shoppers. Currently, I live in Calgary, Alberta taking online courses acquiring a Bachelor’s in counseling. With a counseling degree, I will focus more on the social work aspect.  Empowering individuals out of poverty drives me. I am passionate about the work social enterprises are doing, and how they are doing it. Social impact businesses are actually what led me to move to Calgary. Right here in the city, there are many companies doing good, giving back and working to empower vulnerable people locally, even globally.

In my extra time, you will most likely find me at a local coffee shop, reading, thrifting or be spending some time with Jesus. You could also find me near the mountains on a photo adventure, near a batch of flowers or making with my boyfriend. If you are ever in Calgary, get in touch! As I love to meet new people, and I would love to get coffee or a drink with you!
hoping this blog inspires and empowers you.
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photo credit to @annacatelove